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Staff Pick – Music I'm Thankful For: The Dirty Heads


The Dirty Heads are one of my all time favorite bands, and it was not very hard for me to figure out what music I was thankful for.  With their smooth tunes, cool beats, and engaging vocals, these So Cal reggae rockers are becoming a major threat to musicians everywhere!  I’m starting off with The Dirty Heads’ hit single “Dance All Night” featuring the amazing Matisyahu.  Matisyahu was a great addition to this song, and in an interview with Rolling Stone, Jared Watson of The Dirty Heads talked about how they picked Matisyahu:

“We got a little bit of it done and I was like, ‘I hear Matisyahu on this song. I know he’d crush it,'” Watson tells Rolling Stone. “So we hit him up – ‘Hey, we have this track, it’s pretty much done. Come down and see if you like it.’ He cruised down and took it from one level to the next.”


Next, is “Cabin By The Sea” the album title song.  Beachy songs don’t get better than this, and if you ever feel like relaxing and imagining you are at the beach, just turn this on and close your eyes.


“Best of Us” is not a typical song from The Dirty Heads, but that was their latest album ‘Cabin By The Sea.’  I think any guy will agree with me, the girl described in this song would be the best girlfriend, EVER.  Lyrics to prove it:

“Well she don’t get mad when I’m out of control When I’m blacked out drunk at the top of my lungs She just laughs and rolls Well she’s my lady, baby I know this is always true See you yelling at your girlfriend, mines the shit well how bout you.”

“Day by Day” has single handedly helped me through my first year of law school.  You really need to live life “Day by Day” or you will start to take life to seriously!

“Your Love” featuring Kymani Marley is another one of my favorites off of ‘Cabin By The Sea.’  It has an awesome reggae vibe, and the lyrics really help set the tone of the song.  Kymani Marley brings a special feeling to this song, because who doesn’t like some smooth Caribbean reggae vocals? Nobody!

This is probably the one song from The Dirty Heads that you have heard, even if you haven’t heard of them before.  The Dirty Heads became radio superstars from “Lay Me Down,” and it’s very obvious why that happened!
“Stand Tall” is an amazing song, with an amazing message, but I placed it here to show how good The Dirty Heads are live.  These guys are pure talent, and So Cal swag.
This is the music that I’m thankful for, and, if anything, I hope you now know about a new band, or you have found a new favorite band! Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Until next time,