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State In The Real Weighs in on Daft Punk's New Album Random Access Memories

Whether you were ready for it or not, the new Daft Punk release has flooded the interwebs. There seemed to be a huge wave of support from music lovers everywhere after “Get Lucky”, the single featuring Pharell, made its way into headphones across the country. However, now that the album is available in its entirety, there’s been an eruption of extremely polarized reactions from every corner of the globe. Most people seem to either praise or detest the release. Some of the SITR team decided to share their opinions.

Nate Spilman: “I really enjoyed the album. Incredibly different from anything Daft Punk’s ever put out, while still keeping a signature sort of sound that’s impossible to define. Autotuned Julian Casablancas is a pleasure I never expected to hear. The album is an interesting blend of techno and heavy funk that had me listening to certain songs on repeat.

Mikal Diskavich: “Boring.”

Joey Kadish: “After ‘Get Lucky,’ I definitely expected something more. I just couldn’t see anyone rocking out at a concert to some of the tracks. The track with Julian Casablancas is definitely money though.”

Monica: “I definitely had higher hopes for the album, especially after ‘Get Lucky’ but i don’t think the album is as much as a disappointment as people are making it out to be. Its got a lot of chill songs with cool electronic vibes. There are one or two songs that I just can’t listen to at all, but the majority of the album is good! Not blown away, but still happy about it.”

Topher Stephenson: “I can’t really pinpoint where all the negativity is coming from. I wasn’t expecting much at all (maybe I’m the only one who wasn’t blown away by ‘Get Lucky’,) but this release surpassed my expectations by far. It might not be something I’d want to hear blasting at a daylong but that doesn’t mean its not good music. I can’t wait to throw this on next time I’m cruising on the highway with the sun in my rearview. 1.2 hours of groovy guitars, 80’s synth and well thought out song structure is a thumbs up from me.”

Chris Will: “Honestly, if you look at past Daft Punk albums they’ve never really been hell-bent on creating massive amounts of club dance-jams like ‘Get Lucky’ and ‘One More Time.’ Each album they’ve released has had a few bangers, but the rest of the tunes are pretty artistic, more disco-themed tracks. They’re dance artists, but more importantly they’re musicians, and I think the latter shows through especially with Random Access Memories. They said they were going to create all their sounds organically through this album, I think there’s only one sample in the entirety of R.A.M. Organic disco music doesn’t exactly scream party-playlist, does it? So if you ask me, the album is exactly what I had hoped for, I think it rocks (even if it does have its weird moments), and if you look at it as a cohesive work of art it’s a pretty damn beautiful listen. Oh and I’m jumping on the ‘Instant Crush’ bandwagon. Autotuned Julian Casablancas and Daft Punk combined is sex for the ears.”

 And then there’s our boy Diplo, who apparently can’t get enough of it.