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State In The Real's Movin' On Survival Guide: Expert Advice From Our Staff

As the #1 source for all things Movin’ On this year, State In The Real could never leave concert attendees unprepared to rock out! Our staff is a collection of hardcore and crazy music fans who have been to their fair share of concerts. We also have advice coming from inside the Movin’ On set up process to help you guys get the most out of the biggest music festival of the year! Also, If you aren’t from the State College area and are traveling in to see one of these bands, there are some special tips in this article for you!!

So take some notes and prepare yourselves for one of the most epic nights of music that Penn State has to offer…

What To Bring:

  • Cameras! – Take pictures of your favorite bands (and your new favorite bands) rocking out on stage. Upload them to Facebook and share them with us! If you steal a great shot, we’ll post it to our page! But DO NOT bring any video recording devices, leave that part to the pros.
  • Cash!!- All of the musical acts will have merch tables this year! T-shirts, stickers, albums and more will be available to purchase right at Movin’ On! The Wondershop Showdown will be selling their debut album as well so it will be a great chance to get your hands on that!
  • A Jacket or a Poncho! (Weather Permitting) – The concert starts promptly at 3:00 so the sun will still be shining. However, as the sun sets and the acts get bigger, you won’t want to leave to get your jacket when you get chilly. Also, even though there is no rain in the forecast YET, past experience suggests that you air on the side of caution and come prepared for a passing shower. That being said, NO UMBRELLAS are allowed at this event. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t enjoy getting poked by an umbrella while I’m trying to vibe to MGMT. 
  • Also: Wear sneakers/waterproof shoes. From past experience the ground can get muddy and flip flops just don’t work out well when you are in a giant crowd and the ground isn’t exactly solid. 

What to Leave At Home/What Not To Do:

  • Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking: Movin’ On is a substance free event. Save the drinks for the after party! This event is open to the public so try and remember that there may be families present to see some of the acts. Also, if you choose to smoke cigarettes, please leave the concert area, nobody likes getting burnt on the end of your cigg while waving their hands in the air (like they just don’t care).
  • Tailgating Materials: This isn’t a football game or a concert in your hometown. So save the coolers, lawn chairs, tents and other tailgating materials for your summer music festivals like Bonnaroo or Firefly!
  • Your pets: Even if your cat or dog or lizard or snake is a HUGE Big Boi fan, you’re going to have to leave him/her home for this one.
  • Annoying Things: Don’t be that guy with the laser pointer or the noise maker. Nobody thinks the fact that you are pointing at the lead singer of Gloriana’s nipples is funny. Also, don’t crowd surf at this event. A lot of the concert attendees have never been to a huge festival like this before, and won’t appreciate or know how to handle your foot in their face randomly during Kids These Days’ set. Once again, save that for your summer music festival, it just doesn’t work at Movin’ On.

Where To Go:

  • First things first: If you plan on getting a good spot for your favorite band, GET THERE EARLY! Our inside connection to the Movin’ On world reported to us saying that there are people coming into town from as far as Canada so see our show. This is especially important if you are a big Brand New fan. They don’t play concerts often, and rarely are they free, so big fans are going to do whatever it takes to seize this opportunity.
  • Location: You know that really big Stadium that we have that hosts football games? Start walking towards that thing. In the IM Field right next door, Movin’ On volunteers have worked really hard to make a giant stage appear just like magic!! Honestly, it’s going to be very very hard to miss. But if you are from outside of State College and need more help, here’s a map:
  •  In Between Acts: Check out the information and merch booths on the side of the stage between acts! There will be free hand outs from local organizations and chances to purchase awesome apparel! Come say hi to us, State In The Real will be there!
  • Parking: If you are coming from outside of the State College area for this concert there will be parking available to you next to the stage, just keep following the auxiliary officers guidance, they will help you arrive safely! There are also parking garages open to the public downtown that will give you prime parking if you plan on hitting downtown after the concert!
  • What to eat???: There be many food stands available at this show and the closest eatery is East Halls. So if you are a graduating senior take a nostalgic visit to The Big Onion and grab a slice of Buffalo Chicken Pizza if you get hungry during the show! If you are from outside the State College Area, the dining halls to accept cash/credit however the prices are steep, take your visit to State College as a chance to experience what a dollar slice of pizza at Canyon really tastes like!

Get to Know The Artists:

Our staff has done an AMAZING job writing up articles about all of the artists performing at this show. Listed below is the line up where you will find the times that the bands are performing as well as hyperlinks to the articles that we have written about these amazingly talented bands.

The two opening acts are STUDENT bands that won the BATTLE OF THE BANDS.They fought for their chance to play for you guys, so be sure to show up early and check them out. Trust me you won’t regret it. The opening acts this year are A LOT of fun and will set the mood for the rest of the night.

Final Advice:

Stay Tuned in to State In the Real for all things Movin’ On this year. After all, we are the most comprehensive source for Movin’ On 2013, just ask these guys: