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Sticker Kids Release New Track "Sand Flu"

Sticker Kids dropped a new track “Sand Flu”. The song is a single from their upcoming third album THE SUNRISE CLUB GOES TO SLEEP and it is accompanied by a B-side cover of Andrew Jackson Jihad.

The State College group consists of two gents who go by the pseudonyms Space King Battery, vocals, guitar and production, and Captain Pat, backup vocals and banjo.

Where they got the names, I don’t know, but with titles like that, they could start an alternative rap group.

The folk punk duo has put together a driving, passionate work with “Sand Flu”. It starts quiet, with King whispering alongside soft chords and the quiet pluck of a banjo. An electric guitar slides into the mix as the strumming acoustic pushes to the chorus. The track slowly builds to a crooning bridge with King shouting about unattainable wants and desires. From the quiet start to the hurried finish, “Sand Flu” has a perfect balance of highs and lows.

In their cover of Andrew Jackson Jihad’s “A Song Dedicated To The Memory Of Stormy The Rabbit, the King and the Captain are sadly sighing. The track sounds like an old sailor shanty and Pat brings some great vocal accompaniment into the mix. The pair do justice to the originally xylophone centered song.

THE SUNRISE CLUB GOES TO SLEEP is out October 10th. Check out “Sand Flu” below.