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Summer Jam of the Week: "Really Don't Care" by Demi Lovato feat. Cher Lloyd

With the impending (and much-anticipated) release of her new album Demi and the massive success of her latest top 10 smash “Heart Attack,” it’s evident that heartfelt pop balladeer Demi Lovato is making 2013 her year. This week, Lovato personally leaked Demi track-by-track through song-titles-turned-hashtags, tracking fan interest in specific songs and then leaking those songs based on how well they trended. This genius social-media stunt created several worldwide Twitter trends, and allowed fans to have a first-hand, engaging experience in the way they listened to the album. Tack this up with the way she’s re-invented her image since her previous album Unbroken, and Demi might very well be the pinnacle of Ms. Lovato’s pop career.

The content of Demi is split into two different musical styles. One half of the album showcases weighty acoustic ballads, churning through love, loneliness, strength, and heartbreak. We hear gems like “Shouldn’t Come Back,” where Lovato mourns deteriorating love through solemn acoustic guitars and heart-searing violins. The other half of Demi is chock-full of shameless power-pop, drowning in pile-driving hooks and shimmering production. But no other track is as fun and summery as Lovato’s “Really Don’t Care,” featuring Cher Lloyd. This is guilty pleasure music at its finest, and it’s perfect for the summer.

Floor-stomping percussion kicks into gear from the get-go, with the sugary mix of guitars and synthesizers melting perfectly with the snarky sour of Lovato’s lyrics. As soon as Lovato begins singing, any pre-conceived notions of “Really Don’t Care” being bright, breezy, and blissful are immediately thrown away. This is a fist-in-the-face to Lovato’s ex, as she sassily struts away with her middle finger held high in the air. And just when the song couldn’t get any more bratty and fun, Cher Lloyd pounces into the bridge hissing like a snide pop kitten, serving as Demi’s consoling friend and delivering one of the best guest verses that’s been seen in pop for a LONG time. “Really Don’t Care” is about as apathetic and quiet as Icona Pop’s “I Love It,” as it’s obvious Lovato definitely DOES care, but it’s more of a kick-in-the-balls-I-hate-you kind of a care. You don’t have to be in the aftermath of a bad relationship to get fired up from this song, because it’s just THAT big and angry and catchy. Lovato seriously needs to make this her next single, because let’s face it, all of those feelings are fine and dandy, but it’s time we saw Demi have a little fun.

Pick up the album when it drops next Tuesday, or pre-order it on iTunes by clicking HERE.