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DETAILS FOR The Had Knots release their EP & upcoming show!
Start: April 28, 2011 8:30 pm
End: April 28, 2011 11:30 pm

The Had Knots release their EP & upcoming show!

The show is charging $5 at the door, which will cover admission and a copy of the The Had Knots EP, “Sidewalk Chalk”! They will be playing with Free Rollercoaster and Eric Faust & Mike D. Mulligan.


The Had Knots East View

The Had Knots release their EP ‘Sidewalk Chalk’

The Had Knots formed in State College in the Fall of 2010. Made up of nine members the band plays a mix of indie-pop-rock n’ roll music. The two members Evan Whildin and Rob Currie started playing together freshman year and began recording their EP ‘Sidewalk Chalk’ over the summer of 2010. As school went back into session the two friends recruited other players to form the band “The Had Knots”.

As the semester ended the band returned to the studio and recorded more tracks over Christmas break at Fuzztone Records in Springfeild, PA. The band finally finished recording over spring break and are now ready to release their EP. The EP will be available as a hard copy or on itunes.

The ‘Sidewalk Chalk’ EP will be released April 28th. The band is hosting an EP release party/concert on the 28th and will be accompanied by other local bands.

To listen to The Had Knots go to their Facebook page:

For more information about the EP release party click here: