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The Naked and Famous release new track "Hearts Like Ours"

The Naked and Famous is back, releasing their new, uplifting single “Hearts Like Ours.”

Hailing from New Zealand, the synthpop band proves that it’s possible to maintain their distinct, harmonic sound and still stay fresh.

“Hearts Like Ours” is a pumping, epic ballad that explodes in your ears and sprints through your body. The track starts off with a rhythmic beat that proliferates into the chorus, colliding into one another like an ambitious dream does to an indolent state of mind. Synth guitar sounds power up with rousing vocals, spilling lyrics that stimulate the “animal inside,” the animal that shreds through the fears “of all the things I’ll never do.”


“Hearts Like Ours” will be on The Naked and Famous’ second studio album, In Rolling Waves, which is set to be released September 16th. Their previous album, Passive Me, Aggressive You, had much commercial success with hits like “Young Blood” and “Punching In A Dream.”