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The Phyrst Jam Sesh Round 1, in (Video) Review

The first round of The Jam Sesh Battle Series, presented by Redbull and yours truly at The Phyrst, was a raging success. All of the bands played a hell of a show, and we can’t wait for next week!

We wanted to post a review of the show to let everyone who wasn’t there know what they missed out on. However, we wanted it to have as little in common with a certain over-opinionated, inaccurate review from earlier this week which (poorly) covered the Movin’ On BOTB, and consisted mostly of childish insults to the bands, irrelevant information, and desperate pleas for attention (which were answered by angry musicians.)

That said, we thought that the best way to let you know how the bands did and not misrepresent the facts (lets face it, no one cares THAT MUCH about a college students opinion) would be to show you some videos, and do the rest in the form of Haiku.


Their name is awesome

Good selection of covers

Rad originals

The Wondershop Showdown

Penn States Best Ska Band

Might be the only one, though

Crazy energy

Memphis Hat

Played a rocking set

Our video got messed up

Too loud, still awesome

Milky Maple Brothers

Loved the harmonies

Electric Feel was the best

Cover of the night

And there you have it. Sorry for the shaky camera work, we’ll have a tri-pod ready next time. Hope to see you at The Phyrst on the 9th for round 2 to see Empire, the John May Band, Eye On Attraction, and One Shot Nicky!