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The Postal Service is back!

Excellent news for fans of Deathcab’s Ben Gibbard! The indie-pop prince’s beloved and up-until-now-retired side-project, The Postal Service, is going to be revisited this year!

And ironies of all ironies, this comes to us one of the few days of the year that the USPS is closed; an updated website teases us with nothing more than a scant “2013” on an otherwise-blank website. Nonetheless, it’s enough to excite us!

Pitchfork is reporting that it signifies a 10th Anniversary Edition release of the band’s acclaimed Give Up LP, in addition to a booking at this year’s upcoming Coachella festival. They also report that it signifies no new recordings for be band, at least explicitly. Bummer.

We at SITR have our fingers crossed that they’re wrong. Frankly, after 10 years of on-and-off rumors of the band’s reunion, we were hoping for a little bit more. But who knows? Gibbard could change his mind.

Gibbard, please change your mind.

In the meantime, if you have no idea what the hullabaloo is about, feast your ears on the magnificent indie-electronica pop sensation that is “Such Great Heights” below.