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The Wienermobile is coming to Penn State!

You read the title right, the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile will be rolling into state college this week and next!  Here is an email I received from my good friend, and current “hotdogger”, Taylor Hutchinson.  Make sure you come out if you’re interested in working for Oscar Meyer, or if you want to check out the famous Wienermobile!

“I will be visiting State College soon and need your help! Every year Oscar Mayer travels to six schools looking for 12 lucky dogs to drive the Wienermobile and Penn State was carefully selected as one of those schools. We will be parking our buns in Happy Valley from February 6-9 to spread the word of our up coming info session on February 14 from 6-7 p.m. at the Thomas Building. During the info session students will learn more about traveling with the Wienermobile and are encouraged to bring a cover letter/resume.”

“Our ultimate goal while on campus is to reach as many students as possible to tell them about this opportunity. While on campus recruiting we would love to MEAT up to give you a behind the buns look and talk about this experience.”

Email Taylor Hutchinson if you have any questions!