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THON Performer and Pop Singer Kait Weston Drops FANTASTIC Debut "Last Dance"!

Last time we saw lion-voiced songstress Kait Weston, she was poised at the pinnacle of the THON 2013 weekend. Floating gracefully across the stage, she swept the sea of Penn State students and Four Diamonds families away with her stunning vocal prowess. Now she’s taking her career to the next level in a BIG, BIG way: with an innovative, hard-hitting debut that’s bound to catapult her to the stars and beyond. This isn’t child’s play pop; this is “Last Dance,” a dance/rock breakup anthem that’s setting a supreme artistic foundation for the lovely Ms. Weston.

In a nutshell, “Last Dance” covers fallen love and the heavy-handed finality that comes with the final days of a relationship. Underneath all of that, however, is a rising tone of freedom, a breath of fresh air as Weston casts her subject aside with a final bow and strides towards a brighter future. But that final bow plays out more like a war, with Weston turning the dance floor into a battlefield. She wields the snarling guitars, thundering piano riffs, and floor-shaking percussion like weapons of revenge, intertwining the instrumentation with her cutting lyrics and stirring hooks to bring her former lover to his knees. The whole record is wonderfully frank, organic, and completely devoid of unnecessary electronic flourishes. It’s a reminder that good pop doesn’t have to have blaring synthesizers or overwrought gloss; it just needs to be able to pack a punch and leave an impact. “Last Dance” certainly does both, and is bound to bring in waves of new fans and much-deserved recognition for the promising starlet.

“Last Dance” is available for free download for the next few weeks on Weston’s SoundCloud, and expect to see a music video for the track in the very near future. You can check out more of Kait’s music on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube by clicking each of the highlighted links. Hats off to Kait Weston, and here’s to her wildly escalating musical career.