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Throwback Thursday: 90's Beach Party Edition



This place is warm, without a care…


Ahh I’ve been waiting too long for the weather to get nice to bring you guys some sunny songs to jam outside to. And what better way to kick off the springtime Throwback Thursdays but by celebrating the best era for sunshiney songs: the late(ish) 90s.




The 90s did it right. The music was happy, the vibes were good, and  Mark McGrath was everywhere. Dudes with sideways visors with blonde frosted tips poking through the top roamed free without. Even the President was having a good time partying with his interns. Life was good.



(this guy…)

Go outside, but bring this playlist with you. These 42 tracks are the perfect thing for some outdoor shenanigans. Bust out the grill and dust off your sunglasses and jam to songs from when we were kids. Enjoy some serious nostalgia in the sunshine with these legendary 90s pop songs. And even if you don’t have a beach to party at, this playlist will suit you just fine at any cookout, daylong, or any other type of backyard party. So enjoy being outside again with this weeks Throwback Thursday.








Check back next week for some more Throwbacks!