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Throwback Thursday: Classic Hip-Hop Edition



This is how we chill…


Welcome back everybody Throwback Thursday. This is the first TBT playlist of 2014 and we are going to kick off the year right. In honor of Outkast’ reuniting, this week is all about hip hop. Our goal this week is to provide you the most classic hip hop jams from some of the most influential artists of the genre. From the soulful poetic grooves that echoed through oversized headphones to the boombox hip hop party anthems that bumped in the streets, this playlist is sure to bring you back to a time when hip hop was as real as it gets.


Dope beats and fresh rhymes dominate each and every one of the 25 tracks on this playlist. The sounds of strength and soul created from struggle combined with uplifting anthems of unity from some of the most legendary rappers in the game will no doubt help you feel the flow. So turn the volume up and get down to some of the greatest old school hip hop jams ever recorded.



Be sure to check in next week for an all new theme and an all new playlist of all old songs!