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Throwback Thursday: Hippies and Rebels Edition

They just don’t make music like this anymore.


Another Thursday, another time to enjoy some sweet jams from the past. In this week’s edition we revive the late 60’s where hippie culture and activism ruled music. Here are 18 classic tracks for the free spirit in all of us. Whether you’re fighting the man, or just groovin’, these songs are sure to bring you back to a time when the people came together for music and art and love.



From the Village in New York to the far out streets of San Francisco and everywhere in between, these songs dominated both the radio waves and the spirit of the culture. So turn on, tune in, and drop out to this playlist and awaken your inner flower child.




(Author’s Note- I fully realize that the Beatles are absent from this playlist and I’m just as upset as you guys. Unfortunately, Beatles music is hard to come by on Grooveshark or Spotify so I was not able to add it. But I could not ignore the fact that they weren’t on here so here’s the song I intended to add as a Youtube video).


There won’t be a Throwback Thursday for Thanksgiving, but check back in 2 weeks for a whole new set of classic jams!