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Throwback Thursday: My First Indie Rock Mixtape Edition


I remember my first beer…it was a PBR

This week’s Throwback Thursday is a very close one to my heart. These are the songs that I started with that made me into the avid festival-going, first album-snobbing, Shins’ T-shirt wearing, pseudo hipster that I am today. As I was transitioning from an angsty teenager into a fine young angsty adult these songs were the ones that brought me into a whole new world of music. These tracks are some of the first really great jams that made you get into the artists who created them, before they became the alternative rock and indie rock staples that they are today. Some of these bands headline major festivals today, but when these songs were written, they were playing on the tiny stages.



These songs may not all be the artist’s first releases, but they all embody the creative spirit of the artists that decided to do something totally different and bring music to a new level. So enjoy this week’s extended Throwback Thursday full of some of my favorite indie rock faves. Finals week is coming and we know how much work everyone will be doing so this week TBT is a whopping 28 songs long for all your all-nighters and study sessions! Check in next week for even more throwback jams.


These were the songs that I burned onto CDs in high school to make people think I was cool.

Author’s Note: I am working on converting all previous TBT playlists into Spotify playlists instead of Grooveshark so that guys can throwback wherever you go!