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Throwback Thursday Sunshine and Good Vibes Edition


sunshine sunshine is fine, I feel it in my skin warmin’ up my mind…



It’s finally time to enjoy some warm sunny weather. Blue skies and sunshine makes just make life more enjoyable. Cook outs, flip flops, pick up football, Coronas, pretty girls in sundresses, the beautiful weather breathes life into the world. So lets breathe the life back into ourselves with this week’s Throwback Thursday!





This week’s playlist is all about good vibes and sunny weather. These 40 warm and sunshiny tracks, some as old as the 60s, are exactly what you need to compliment the sunny vibes of this amazing spring weather. From Led Zeppelin, to Atmosphere, to Vampire Weekend, this playlist is full of sunny tunes to bring good vibes all around. So play em loud and open all the windows while you enjoy this week’s Throwback Thursday.