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Throwback Thursday: This Is Growing Up Edition

We got older, but we’re still young…


This week’s TBT is a very special one. We’ve all had points in our young lives where we’ve experienced hard times. Growing up hits us hard and the reality of the world comes crashing down over us all. My only escape was throwing on my headphones and listening to the bands on this playlist.

Reflective yet energetic, these songs embody some of our adolescent and early teenage angst and heartbreak, but they also offer hope and unity and maturity. These songs knew how we were feeling and taught us how to move on. These were the bands I jammed with at my first concerts and festivals. These are the songs I showed girls on my first dates. These were the songs I listened to when I had bad and good days in school. So walk down memory lane with these 26 jams from our youth and enjoy the last Throwback Thursday of 2013!


(Author’s note: I could have made this playlist 100 songs long but that would be far too much so I had to cut it down significantly. However, you guys can expect a Part II to this playlist in 2014!)