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Throwback Thursday: Wintry Mix Edition

Experience the warmth


It was one degree yesterday in State College. Woof. This freezing weather is unbearable and it’s going to be awhile until going outside is an good sounding option again. So stay inside and listen to this week’s Throwback Thursday playlist! And naturally, this week’s theme is songs that somehow sound like winter.



The tracks on this playlist all relate to the cold in one way or another. Perhaps the video takes place in the winter, maybe there are chimes or bells or some other sort of wintry instrument, maybe the song just sounds like it belongs in the wintertime. But they all have a chilly air about them. Entertain your imagination by picturing snowscapes as you ride through the songs on this list. So stay in, make cocoa, grab a blanket, and jam to these chilly tracks until it’s at least double digits outside.



Thanks for listening and check in next week for even more old songs!