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Timeflies – "I Choose U"

For those of you have not heard of Timeflies, you will be hearing of them soon enough! They are a duo originating from Boston, but are currently located in Brooklyn, NY. The group is made up of Cal Shapiro (vocalist) and Rob Resnick (producer).They began in 2010, and after releasing a few singles, they released their first album Scotch Tape. Cal and Rob wanted to find a way to stay connected with their fans and came up with the idea of Timeflies Tuesdays, which occurs on their YouTube channel. Every Tuesday they release a new video, including, covers, remixes, and free-styling over some of their original beats. Timeflies is definitely bringing something electrically innovative to the music world. Just a few weeks ago they released their music video for their new song “I Choose U”, which is already reaching over 500,000 views. In the video, Cal Shapiro interestingly makes it seem as if a junk yard is a good place to pick up chicks…Check out their new music video and some of their brilliant covers below!

Timesflies – “I Choose U”

Timeflies – “Without U2”

Timeflies – “Alcohol”