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WATCH: Bonnie McKee's Star-Studded New Video

Singer/songwriter Bonnie McKee has worked behind the scenes with some of music’s biggest names — Britney, Ke$ha, Christina — but it seems as though she’s ready to turn the spotlight on herself and take her first steps into full-blown popstardom.

The candy-haired songstress, who has helped pen almost half of Katy Perry’s most infectious hits, has just released a free download of a new tune, “American Girl,” which may be one of the catchiest songs released this summer. Take a look at the video, a la “Call Me Maybe,” below; you might see a famous face or two. Or 20.

“I was raised by a television…”


McKee’s songwriting talents are kicked into full force on this one, and although it isn’t exactly groundbreaking, this track is shaping up to be a real corker. It’s anthem-esque chorus urges you to sing along at the top of your lungs and the punchy, guitar-filled beat captures that nostalgic, beer-in-hand, chevys and barbecues kind of vibe we all yearn for in summertime.

If “American Girl” is any indication of McKee’s upcoming second studio album, (her debut was quite good as well), it looks like top 40 radio has a new, and promising, contender.