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YouTube Sensation Masha Flawlessly Covers P!nk's "Try"

Living in a world where fistfuls of musical covers spring up across the Internet every day, sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint where the strongest ones reside. It’s an arduous process, finding the shining gems between entire catalogs of cover albums from Glee, American Idol, The Voice, etc. But every once and a while, whether it’s through diligence or pure luck, you strike gold. You find an artist who brings you to your knees simply through singing someone else’s song. Today, I found that gold through YouTube sensation Masha and her take on P!nk’s song “Try.”

For those who don’t know, “Try” is the newest single from P!nk’s chart topping album The Truth About Love. A stirring ode to commitment and heated passion, “Try” pushes just over 4 minutes, thriving on glossy, punk-fed powerpop. Masha’s cover, however, is a completely different ride. She cuts over a minute off of the track, and strips down the instrumentation to acoustic guitars, violins, and a piano. The effect is mesmerizing, as the soft production brings Masha’s potent voice to the forefront of the song. She lets loose, completely capturing the emotive power of the track, her throaty vibrato rising to the heavens and beyond. To tackle one of the best singers in pop music is a challenge by itself, but to out-do P!nk on her own track is an extraordinary feat. Therefore, I tip my hat to this lion-voiced songbird and implore you to give her cover of “Try” a listen. You won’t regret it.

You can download the track below!

You can check out more of her stunning covers (LIKE THIS ONE) on her Youtube channel, and you can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud.